Email marketing is not just a part of company’s digital strategy, but a core tactic for attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones interested. Growing a subscriber list is important, but sending the right messages to the right people is what actually matters and drives the success of your email campaigns. We picked our top 10 email marketing tips that will help you with your campaigns.

1. Define your goals

Set your goals and align them with your subscriber lists. Make sure you accurately target the right people with the right emails at the right time. This is a crucial element of email marketing, as not every message you send will be relevant to each of your customers. It’s important to categorize your subscribers and create customized campaigns for each list.


2. Design is the King

Subscribers won’t spend more than five seconds on your email if it doesn’t catch their attention immediately. Make an eye-catching layout, avoid including too many elements or excessive amount of text and images that make it difficult to read. Keep it short and simple, but appealing.


3. Always include unsubscribe button

Users tend to frustrate with unwanted messages and notifications, so you should always give them an option to leave your marketing list. Including an unsubscribe button in every email you send is one rule in the email marketing that you should never ignore.


4. Create a publishing schedule

Take advantage of every opportunity and keep your email campaign on a tight schedule. Proper email planning helps you stay organized and lets you carefully consider the best options for your templates. In email marketing, every little detail matters, so don’t rush out your campaigns randomly without having a precise schedule.


5. Write catchy titles and subject lines

People get emails all day, so make your message stand out. Be brave and think outside the box. Use catchy words and phrases for your email marketing campaigns that will leave your subscribers with no choice, but to click on your message.


6. Mobile is the new black!

Website traffic from mobile devices continues to grow every year, meaning your campaigns have to be easily accessible and mobile-friendly first. A simple solution to this is to make your template layout with a single column, include one call-to-action and use larger fonts. You can also start designing your template by optimizing it first for mobile and then for desktop.


7. Review and test your campaign

The only thing worse than having no campaign is having a badly executed one. From broken links and wrong images to mail server failures, anything can go wrong with your emails. Double check everything you plan on sending and test to be confident it works flawlessly on any device and mail client.


8. Pay attention to deliverability

It’s a long road to your customer’s inbox, so make sure your emails make it to there and don’t end up in the spam folder. Email deliverability is how you measure the success of your campaign and whether your emails are actually being received. This requires preliminarily checking on how your email is displayed on different mail clients. To prevent any issues you should also avoid words and symbols that may be caught by spam filters.


9. Never go with “noreply” address

If you want to build a relationship with your subscribers then you need to give them someone to contact with. Using ‘noreply’ email basically means ”don’t talk to us”. It’s always better to send your emails either from the support team email or similar, but the best option is to create an impression that a real person is contacting them your subscribers. Many companies and organizations go further and sign their emails from the CEO. The personal approach is important for creating a connection with your customers and engaging them with your brand.


10. Include social media share buttons

Give your subscribers the ability to share your email on social media. This gives and an extra boost of the campaign and could be beneficial for the promotion of your brand. Your offer may be of no interest to your existing subscribers, but could be tempting for some of their followers and friends. So, don’t miss out this opportunity and include social media share buttons to reach more people beyond your subscriber list.