Behind the countless inspirational quotes, beautifully presented recipes and breathtaking travel photos, Pinterest has a huge marketing potential and strong traffic-driving ability. The social network is growing faster than anyone expected and now businesses can no longer afford the luxury to avoid it. Here are 5 reasons why you should not ignore Pinterest:

1. It’s a powerful channel for brands

Valued at more than $11 billion and with a monthly active user base of 150 million, Pinterest is a powerful social media channel that brands can use to introduce their businesses to a whole new audience. Researches show that 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to make a decision for purchase offline, while 87% of users have bought a product because of the platform.

5 Reasons You Should Not Ignore Pinterest

2. Dominated by women

About 81% of Pinterest users are actually women, mainly in the 25-44-year-old age group, an audience that makes most of its purchasing decisions online. They are also loyal, with the average active female user posting up to 158 pins. If you’re selling products that target women, Pinterest is the perfect platform to present your business in a visually-engaging way.


3. It can generate leads and increase sales

Pinterest has great features for business like Rich pins and Promoted pins that can generate leads and drive traffic to your website. Rich pins add meta data to your pins, so you can include more details and make your pins look awesome. Advertising on Pinterest is also a great option for brands as Promoted pins look just like regular pins and don’t irritate the customers, but have greater audience reach than the ads on other platforms.


4. Social media users love it

Pinterest is so easy to use and users love it. The social media platform may not have a large user base like Facebook or Twitter, but it’s growing faster and is constantly being upgraded with new features. And moreover, Pinterest users are active and keen on following trends and hot topics – the kind of users you’re looking for to promote your brand.


5. It can drive huge traffic to your website

Social media platforms drive over 30% of all referral traffic to websites and Pinterest accounts for more than 5% of it. This means that after a user discovers something that is of interested to him, he’s more likely to leave the platform and explore more of what you have to offer on your website. What makes Pinterest different from other social media websites is that it shortens the distance between the discovery and the conversion.