Apple is quietly paving the way for a revolution in the QR Code usage with the newest release of its operating system. The iPhone maker recently announced the latest updates in the iOS 11, which include a built-in QR (Quick Response) code scanning functionality in the camera app. It’s one of the many new features that will be available from the fall when Apple’s new mobile operating system is launched.

With this move, Apple is taking the QR Code generation and usage to new heights. iPhone users will be able to easily scan standard QR Codes just by pointing the camera at them, and no longer have to download a third-party app to do so.

Even though QR Codes aren’t anything new, they didn’t manage to gain widespread adoption mostly because reading the codes required installing extra software. Now, with iPhone’s camera simply recognizing QR Codes there is nothing holding them back from gaining popularity again.

Snapchat and Facebook also built their own alternatives to make it easier to add friends, while the QR reader feature has already been implemented in Motorola devices.

Apple’s move indicates that QR Codes are not dead and there is still plenty of room for development and we’ll probably see this trend spreading throughout the industry soon.

QR Codes offer many possibilities for marketers because they connect the physical word with the digital realm. Combined with the high smartphone usage and the improved mobile internet speed, we can see more businesses taking advantage of the power of QR Codes and including them in their advertising and marketing campaigns.