1. WordPress is popular and wide-used content management systems in the world. It’s a preferred platform for millions of publishers, bloggers, website owners and businesses of any size because it simply works. The system powers around 26% of all websites worldwide today.

2. It’s a reliable, secure and easy-to-use software that’s constantly being improved and updated to guarantee that any system vulnerabilities and security issues are eliminated. This means you get improved performance, new features and better customer satisfaction.

3. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform and provides a great user experience when managed with the right knowledge and tools. It makes it easier for your business to rank better in searches and can increase your brand visibility.

4. WordPress has extensive functionalities and allows multiple options for customization, meaning you can do anything you can imagine with your website. It’s flexibility and built-in features make WordPress a multi-purpose CMS that can be transformed into the perfect website to suits your needs.

5. You can host your WordPress site anywhere you want – on a shared hosting, web server or a cloud. This gives you full control over the website and the freedom to modify everything related to it.